The Sailing Challenge Experience

The Sailing challenge is one of the funniest activity to propose for your incentive trip.
We usually think that the activity is only a competiton between your participants, but it isn’t!
This experience is the most versatile among those we propose. Your participants will live the thrill of it just being spectators during the sailing, while our team we’ll do the job! Trust us when we say, that most of the time this is one of the crazyest thing you can organise for your group. You breathe and sense the competition dynamic while sipping a glass of prosecco or sunbathing till the end of the race!
The most appealing part of the actvity is the unique atmosphere that creates on board of a sailing boat.
Even those who have never done such kind of activity feel an incredible adrenaline boost during the preparatory phase and all along the race route, most of the participants are curious to learn basic rules about a sailing competition and they are not obliged to be trained if they want to be part of the race.
Our professional skippers are all Sailing instructors and they know how to make you feel part of the team.

Indeed if you need to motivate your group The Sailing regata is absolutely the must do activity as a team building experience. It’s useful to strengthen the team concept, motivating people in a challenging context to achieve specific objectives in the most entertaining way. The sailing challenge experience makes you recreate any company dynamic.

– The Boat is the company, its operation, its potential
– The weather and sea conditions are the market and the ability to anticipate trends
– The skipper as a figure of leadership must know how to lead, motivate and manage a team
– The roles of the crew identify with the business roles, the team work and empowerment.

To recreate all these dynamics we propose to do a full day activity divided in two parts. During the morning we engage the group in a classroom session. This part is necessary for them to learn basic information for a sailing navigation, what means being a tem on a sailing race and other useful tips. Then we do one-to-one short races to test their abilities directly on board, before to start the real race competiton. At the end we return on the classroom for the competition reward and useful de-briefing session.

Nonetheless, if competiton is not the atmosphere of your incentive, we tailor the fleet sailing into a silent navigation with a strong “Ecofriendly” image to enhance your company values. A sailing boat doesn’t need to use engine to surf the sea, we open sails and smoothly navigate in a surreal silent atmosphere around the marvelous scenery of Taormina and Etna, sipping a glass of bubbles and enjoying the natural landscape.
Our Sailing fleet is available in Riposto, Taormina and Syracuse and we accommodate groups from 30 to 150 participants.

At Tripping Sicily we always build playful and professional project, tailored on your expectations thanks to decades experience with the most important corporate companies worldwide.
Just to name some of our clients: Bayer, Motul, Wurth, Coca Cola, Mercedes, and more…

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