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cooking class in taormina

A Sicily cooking class is more than just cooking, it’s an experience through all stages of our food culture. The love affair with cuisine is overall one of the main value of our families history. The first question a “Mamma” makes in the morning is: What do we eat today? You’ll be welcomed by Luisa in a lovely private villa in the top of Taormina.

It will be a passionate Sicilian cooking class with basic menu of traditional Sicilian cuisine: Caponata, Pasta alla norma, Parmiggiana. We’ll present all the dishes within the story strongly connected with our territory and myth. Think about returning at home with this precious receipts in your suitcase and recreate your private Sicilian atmosphere to remember those special moments you enjoyed.

The Sicilian cooking class is perfect for your family, friends and why not your couple by learning to stay together tasting delicious meals you’ve prepared with love.


This cooking is private for minimum 4 participants. The villa is located 1km far from the center of Taormina, we organise private transfer with pick up from your location. Timing will be from 11.00am to 4.00pm. Use the contact form for more information and booking. Please indicate any dietary necessities or alergies.

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