guided tour of taormina
with street food lunch

Choose to visit Taormina with a different culinary experience guided by our lovely Rosa.

You will meet her in Porta Messina to start this indigenous walk of Taormina. She will make you imagine the story of this important Sicilian spot immersed in the bougainvilleas colourful bushes, the ancient Greek Roman Theater till the first culinary stop for a delicious typical Sicilian breakfast to refresh your senses. The love affair between Granita and sicilians is immense. This typical sweet freezing experience come from the arab period in Sicily, when the Monsu (court chef of Palermo) used the snow from Etna and topped it with fresh lemon juice. Today you can taste many flavours from strawberry to almond, pistachoes, watermelon and so on. What is characteristic is the brioche with tuppo that you must “inzuppare” in this freezing mixture.

After this first taste you will continue your walk around Via Umberto, the main street of Taormina between ancient greek period and medieval atmosphere. The piazza Duomo reveals the gorgeous fountain with the city simbol and the particular medieval Cathedral. From this site we walk to our next culinary spot. One of the most ancient bakery of the town. You will be overwhelmed by the impressive offer of Arancini, pizzas and all sort of stuffed pastry with miscellanous ingredients characteristic of our street food tradition.


This is a private guided tour. Timing from 9.00am to 2.00pm. Available languages English, French, German. Use the contact form for more information and booking. Please indicate any dietary necessities or alergies.

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