the luxury touch for your incentive trip

An incentive trip must be unique, creative and playful. They can be focused on sports and group if you are looking to promote teamwork and competitive spirit, they can also revolve around cultural themes or just be a luxury trip.

It must be always new and attractive. The idea is to reward and encourage audience’s participation, so you should get your attention as never had been made before. In stressful or fast-paced working environments, the luxury incentive is particularly effective as it gives employees a chance to unwind and enjoy new experiences or visit places they’ve never been before, arriving back at work feeling inspired and encouraged.

If you are looking to offer a luxury or exclusive travel experience for your chosen employees, our Motor Yacht fleet is the right choice. Imagine to welcome your group on board the best selction of luxury motor yachts, just after landing at the airport before to step into their hotel rooms. The Motor yacht transfer is one of our recommended experience if you need the wow effect for your trip. Guests are welcomed in an extreme luxurious setup, with a glass of Champagne and some typical Sicilian food delicacies, ready to surf the Ionian Sea till the next stage of the trip. If you mind to stay in one of the seaside 5 stars hotels, this is the perfect welcome to the group.

A short boat ride from the Marina di Riposto (40 minutes driving from catania’s airport) till the awesome destination of Taormina. Make them feel pampered since the first moment of thei arrival, it will leave a memorable souvenir to be thankful for in being rewarded from their Company.

If your scheduled arrival is not matchable with the Motor Yacht transfer, here is another great solution: The day tour around Taormina’s coastline with funny watersports activities paired to the Motor yachts: jet skis, sup paddle, banana boat, parafly. Put a thrill on it, most of the time a playful environment is the most beautiful souvenir you have from the incentive trip.

Ou company manage a large selection of Motor yachts from 24 to 16meters, all fully equipped and crewewed with the most professional staff. With this fleet solution we can accommodate till 100 participants in the area of Taormina.

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