Beach day Watersports menu in Taormina

Your group is a diverse bunch with a wide range of interests. One employee’s dream trip might not be another’s. To guarantee that all travelers enjoy the experience, arrange an array of activities that suit many tastes. The watersports activity day can be a good solution when you have a group of young attendees and you want them to have fun by choosing the watersport that is more convenient for them.
It can be a couple of hours activity, paired with a chilling moment by the beach in some of the most beautiful location of Taormina.

The available sports are many and various:

– Jet skis
This is absolutely the most requested one. Everybody once in their life as dreamt of driven this awesome fast horses in the middle of the sea feeling free and thrilled b y the speed.
We ensure the safety of the acativity following attendees with aìinflatable and instructor and providing lifejackts and security instructions for a good drive.

– Banana Boat
The Banana boat is for small groups of 6 participants, trawled by a jest skis or inflatable, the thrill is not to fall in the water while navigating around!

– Jobe air storm
Another fun activity is to be pulled out with this crazy donut 3 places, where you lay down and surf the sea while trawled by the inflatable.

– Jetsurf
This is a single activity for those who have already experienced wakeboard. You will drive upon the waves feeling absolutely free immersed in the breeze of the Sicilian atmosphere and landscape

– Snorkeling tour
In Taormina there are some huge snorkeling spots where it is possible to see Greeks columns, tropical fish specimen and a huge sealife environment.

– Sup Paddle – Canoe – Kayak
If you prefer to go at your own peace just for a simple tour around the coastline these are your sports. The Sup paddle is considered a very good full body excercise!

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