The whole province of Catania is dominated by Etna, the majestic most active volcano in Europe, Unesco World Heritage Site since 2013. The lava of Etna is present just about everywhere, living with the Volcano is now almost part of the genetic make-up of the people of this territory.

Etna was formed about 500,000 years ago. The scientific explanation of its birth is directly connected to the phenomenon of continental drift and particularly the colossal clash between the African and Eurasian shelves, the same clash that probably caused the creation of the Alps and Himalayas.

The landscape of the province is greatly influenced by the presence of the Muntagna as loal use to call “Her”. Yes! We say her because it’s considered a mother for the extremely fertile soil. Its circumference at the base is about 250km, numerous towns have grown up on its slopes, the total height of the mountain is 3.400mt (12.500 feet).

Etna has four summit eruptive craters New Crater, Central Crater, South eastern Crater and North Eastern Crater, and numerous lateral craters. The Etna Regional Nature Park was set up in 1987 and covers 60.000 hectares including 20 district councils of the province of Catania.

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