sailing tour
syracuse’s coastline

Welcome to Syracuse the cradle of Greek Sicilian culture, with its characteristics limestone white-yellow colours. This sailing experience will lead you around the Island of Ortygia, heart of the first Greek colony founded in the 8th BC. We see the Spanish fortification walls surrounding all the area with the imposing Castel Maniace, constructed in the middle ages for the defense of the territory from sea invasions.

The vegetation near the walls is characterised by Papyrus plants growing inside the fountain of Arethusa, legendary connections between our territory and the Greek motherland.

Then we see the bridges connecting the island to the mainland of Syracuse and many rocks and coves carved from millions year of wind blowing and sea erosions.

The scenery is perfect for swimming and snorkel around. The sailing boat is perfect for its silent naviagtion, which gives you the possibility to dream and imagine the huge ancient history contained in such beautiful territory.


Boarding from Porta Marina Ortigia. Available timing Half day or full day. Select your boat for this itinerary using the contact form. We reply within 24 hrs with detailed offer and booking procedure

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