noto and syracuse


This town is the most beautiful between those of the Sicilian baroque. After the destructuon of the ancient Netum, noble sicilian families and powerful clergy representative financed the rebuilt using the local golden limestone creating a succession of palaces and churches with their rippling façades, scrolls, finely wrought balconies, and sculpted cherubs… Noto is, without any doubt, the most ostentatious of Sicily’s baroque towns and cities, and could almost be mistaken for one giant opera house!  the sense of magic and wonder is almost overwhelming!

Syracuse, the first Greek colony of Sicily is mostly attractive for one of the biggest archaeological area of the Island.

But after the terrific earthquake of 1693 that changed the shape of the Val di Noto, also the heart of this ancient greek colony changed its atmosphere with the gorgeous and pompuous Baroque decoration.

Ortgia, the small island considered the artistic center of the town, is the cradle of this magnificient explosion of squares, perrons and buildings arranged in close dialogue with each other, like scenic microcosms that suddenly disclose themselves, arousing astonishment and wonder.

The stone of Syracuse, calmly moulded by stonemasons, gives shape to curls, volutes, mascarons and putti, offering visitors unique and astonishing details in the form of stucco decorations and refined marble cladding.

The most beautiful building is the Cathedral, anciently built on the ruins of the Greek temple of Athena, you can see the columns of it which are remarquably well inserted with the huge Baroque portal.

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