modica and ragusa

Modica is an astonishing sight, clinging as it does to the walls of a canyon in a swarming mass of ochre houses crowned with baroque churches. This is a place where 18th-century architecture reached its zenith. Endless stairways connect the lower and upper parts of the town. One such stairway is the Scalinata di San Giorgio, whose 235 steps lead up to the cathedral.  Spectacular!

Just like Modica, Ragusa also occupies a striking setting, encircled by a vertiginous ravine. On the one side stands Ragusa Superiore, rebuilt in all its 18th century splendour; and on the other, Ragusa Ibla, which has retained its original jumble of winding streets and old churches, with the architects here preferring to restore rather than rebuild. This unique juxtaposition of the baroque and the medieval makes Ragusa doubly enchanting


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