Half or full day private excursions with Jeeps 4WD to discover the secrets of the Volcano Etna Unesco World Heritage Site. All tours run through ancient lava flows and rural path that leads to magnificent highlights on top of the Volcano. You can choose at any moment of the tour to enjoy trekking/Hiking moments fixed on your capacity and expectations.

Create your private Wine Tour to visit some of the most important wine producers located on the slopes of the volcano Etna. You’ll taste the finest regional and international grapes from red and white. Sicily is a wine-lover’s paradise such is the variety, complexity and abundance of Bacchus’ unique gift!

Book one day cooking class with locals. We offer hands-on cuisine experiences in Taormina and Syracuse. You’ll love our traditional food, baroque cuisine and pastries from Cannolo to Cassata siciliana. Activities are set in exclusive venues, supported by a food storyteller followed by lunch (or dinner) and wine tasting.