The Charming Coastline of Taormina

by Aldo Torrisi, 16/05/2014

This charming village extended between Capo Scisò and Capo Taormina was the first Greek colony in Sicily, founded in 734 BC by the Chalcidians from Euboea led by the oecist Thucles. Archaeological investigation has found traces of earlier settlements, datable from Neolithic and the Bronze Age. The ancient settlement corresponds to the port area and the colony became culturally important as the seat of an altar dedicated to Apollo Archegetes protector of the Greek colonists in Sicily, built immediately after its foundation. During the following years Naxos founded Leontini and Katane (Catania). The colony was under the dominion of the Syracusan Hieron, then sided with Athens against Syracuse, but after the Athenian defeat in 414bc it suffered Dionysius the Elder’s violent revenge in 403 BC which caused its complete destruction.
For 2000 years Naxos has no relevant history information used occasionally as a station for changing horses or for growing citrus fruits and sugar cane. In the 15th century the bay was reinforced with towers added to the ancient medieval castle. Naxos became independent from Taormina in the 19th century and took its name of Giardini Naxos. The word Giardini is because of several ‘gardens’ of citrus growing in the region.

Tauromenion was founded by a group of survivors from Naxos destroyed by Dionysius the Elder, in 404 BC. Andromachus, father of the historian Timaeus, transferred the survivors on the slopes of Monte Tauro and founded the city in 358 BC. Tauromenion was never completely independent, often destroyed by the Greeks and the Carthaginians. At the beginning of the First Punic War the town allied with the Romans, who occupied it after the death of Hieron II making it a “civitas foederata”. In Byzantine times it was one of the key strongholds against the threatening of Arabs; in 902 AD a large part of its population was killed by the Arabs led by the cruel Ibrahim who, in front of the few survivors, pulled Bishop Procopius’s heart out of his chest, eating it. Tauromenion enjoyed a short period of peace when the Christians rebuilt it. In 962 the town again under Muslim rule, was named “Almoezia” from the name of the conqueror, Al-Muizz. In 1079 Roger of Hauteville conquered it after a five month siege. The Normans rebuilt and embellished Taormina, which became an important economic and commercial center. In 1282, during Vespers uprising, it remained loyal to Spain siding with the 1410 Palazzo Corvaja became the seat of the Sicilian Parliament which met in Taormina to elect Frederick, Count de Luna, as King of Sicily.
In 1675, during the Messina uprising, the town remained loyal to Spain and was occupied by the French soldiers of Louis XIV. During the Risorgimento, Filangeri became Duke of Taormina following the Bourbon recovery of 1848. The town showed its nationalist spirit in 1860, when Garibaldi’s troop used it as a garrison.

The coast stretching from the long sandy shore of Letojanni to Capotaormina is characterized by a succession of rocky  promontories, enchanting bays, tiny golden beaches, marine grottoes and “faraglioni” (rocks) rising from the sea. On the mythical Ionian Sea, a beautiful natural scenery unfolds: Baia delle Sirene (Siren’s Bay), the cliffs of Capo S.Andrea dropping sheer into the sea.
We enter the charming gulf of Isola Bella. The history of this Island came from King Ferdinand I of the Two Sicily whose gifted the island to the town of Taormina in 1806. Then this spectacular natural site was bought by Ms. Trevelyan, who built a small house in 1957 facing the sea and imported exotic plants, which thrived in the Mediterranean climate. Subsequent owners kept up the island, until the owner went bankrupt, and auctioned the island in 1990. The island had been noted by conservationists as early as 1983, and it was quickly obtained by the Region and designated as a protected natural site. The island is home to several species of birds, and a few types of lizards. Inside the gulf of Isola Bella we find the luminescent Grotta Azzurra (Blue Grotto) which is 30m depth outstanding for its rich flora and fauna. The name Blue Grotto, was given for the intense blue color that the sun’s rays through the water of the sea give to the cave. After we notice the rocky spur of Capotaormina with the jagged “faraglioni” rising from the sea. The most advanced end of the structure is characterized by a huge rock on which is placed a cross, hence the name given by locals, Scoglio della Croce. Along the rocky creeks of Capotaormina is located the Grotta del Giorno about 25m deep populated by the characteristic flora and fauna as sea urchins, starfish, shrimp, eels and coral.  On the surrounding hills, covered with a lush vegetation and ever-green gardens, are the refined hotel facilities which have made Taormina famous all over the world.

We invite you to select your suitable boat to enjoy this itinerary
All selected boat have 2 crew member, regular licenses, security amenities and comfort.

Once you’ve selected the boat that meet your expectation ask for booking availability on your suitable date. Available timing for this tour: Morning from 09.30 to 1.30 pm / Afternoon from 2.30 pm. To 6.30 pm.
Full day from 10.00 am. to 6.30 pm. Boarding Point Port of Giardini Naxos, Porto dell’Etna Riposto.
Our boat tour refers to a private and exclusive rental of the whole boat for the indicated itinerary and conditions. Our boat tours are inclusive of: Skipper and hostess, fuel for the displayed itinerary, port delivery and boarding service, open bar, beach towels, insurances and taxes.
Extra lunch with following solutions:
– Catering on board with seafood menu
– Local restaurant reservation for à la carte menu

Deposit requirements: Once confirmed availability of the boat we ask for 30% deposit of the total balance prior to confirm any reservations. These deposits may be refundable based on the hereafter description of weather conditions. Final payment:  Balance must be paid by bank transfer 15 days prior departure
In case of short reservation period, balance on departure day by credit card or bank money transfer.

The adverse weather conditions that prevent a safe and enjoyable navigation are the following :
MOTOR BOATS :     Wind speed up to 20 knots – Sea waves 4-5 Douglas rate

In case of adverse sea conditions as listed before, we will previously inform guests and ask for another available day according to their permanence in Sicily to guarantee the booked boat tour.
If sea conditions are safe and acceptable departure is guaranteed ” Rain or Sun .”
The cancellation policy are as follows:
– 30% of total reservation is not refundable 15 days before departure.
– 50% of total reservation is not refundable from 14 days to 7 days before departure.
– 80% of total reservation is not refundable from 6 days  to 24 hours before departure.
– No refund for no show.

All listed boats are equipped with regular navigation licenses and qualified staff in possession of nautical licenses and rescue courses as required by regional and Italian laws.
All listed boats have regular insurance policy for damages to persons transported due to extraordinary events (boat collision, shipwreck) and subordinate to the negligence of the master and / or staff on board.
Once on board we always inform about rules and behavior instructions for a safe navigation. All accidents occurred on board for non-observance of these rules won’t be covered by insurance contract policy.

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