by Aldo Torrisi, 29/05/2015

The history of this fishing village has ancient origins: his name could derive from “Ainlu Kat”, that is the source of the hours, which would refer to a source that, according to one observer Arabic, emitted the water intermittently and only during the hours of Muslim prayer. Some historians trace it back to a miraculous apparition of the Madonna in 1091 when the Arabs, the emir Belcane, landed along the coasts in order to reconquer Sicily now in the hands of the Normans, on that occasion asked the sciclitani the help of the Virgin Mary which appeared clothed in light, “Donna Lucata “, hence the name of the city.
The historical importance of the city is mainly the largest natural harbor in Scicli, so that in the Arab period was called Marsa Sikla, port of Scicli. Currently Donnalucata is a major summer destinations of the province of Ragusa coast. The particularity of this village are the crystal water and the beaches completely free, gold, typical of the coast of Ragusa. The charming harbor, with its finely decorated wooden boats and the small fish market, are popular with tourists intrigued. Donnalucata is Rai film set of the television series “Il Commissario Montalbano”, comes from the stories of the writer Andrea Camilleri .

Cava d’Aliga, in ancient quarry Aliga is a small picturesque village overlooking the Mediterranean Sea has recent origins up to 50 years. The beach sand is medium-fine, very clear sometimes reddish waters are crystal clear and you can see the seabed below.Of great interest is also the area of ​​Punta Corvo here is an old lighthouse, once used by the Guardia di Finanza, now abandoned, which was also set in the popular television series “The Montalbano “. Here the area is typically jagged cliffs and coves entirely covered by dwarf palm species typical of the Mediterranean. Punta Corvo, extends for about 1.5 Km. Cava D’Aliga is especially renowned for agriculture, here you can find numerous plantations of vegetables, fruit, citrus, flowers and various herbs. The high quality products are also exported abroad is a big chunk of the economy Cavadalgese. But the country also offers excellent gourmet product for those wishing to stay in this picturesque seaside village. From June to August the town comes alive and the population doubles, one another dancing enlivened by the presence of bands, Theatrical performances, exhibitions football tournaments Volleyball Bowls and sand sculptures. Cava D’Aliga although small is a destination for tourists who want to enjoy a clean sea of ​​nature and relaxation.

It is an old fishing village, perhaps the most picturesque in the province’s shore, its stone houses jostled with one another, bordering a maze of narrow streets.
Sampieri boasts one of the most beautiful shores of all Sicily comprising a long sand beach and lovely rocky cliffs. ‘U stabilimientu bruciatu’ (Sicilian for “the burnt building”), lying on the eastern cliff, a former tile factory accidentally burnt in the mid 19s, has become an attraction thanks to its impressive look, even chosen as a setting for numerous movies.

We invite you to select your suitable boat to enjoy this itinerary
All selected boat have 2 crew member, regular licenses, security amenities and comfort.

Once you’ve selected the boat that meet your expectation ask for booking availability on your suitable date. Boarding point: Port of Marina di Ragusa.
Available timing for this tour: Morning from 09.30 to 1.30 pm / Afternoon from 2.30 pm. To 6.30 pm /
Full day from 10.00 am. to 6.30 pm.
Our boat tour refers to a private and exclusive rental of the whole boat for the indicated itinerary and conditions. Our boat tours are inclusive of: Skipper and hostess, fuel for the displayed itinerary, port delivery and boarding service, open bar, beach towels, insurances and taxes.
For full day tour extra lunch with following solutions:
– Catering on board with seafood menu

Deposit requirements: Once confirmed availability of the boat we ask for 30% deposit of the total balance prior to confirm any reservations. These deposits may be refundable based on the hereafter description of weather conditions. Final payment:  Balance must be paid by bank transfer 15 days prior departure
In case of short reservation period, balance on departure day by credit card or bank money transfer.

The adverse weather conditions that prevent a safe and enjoyable navigation are the following :
MOTOR BOATS : Wind speed up to 20 knots – Sea waves 4-5 Douglas rate
SAILING BOATS AND GULLET: Wind speed up to 20 knots – Sea waves 3-4 Douglas rate

In case of adverse sea conditions as listed before, we will previously inform guests and ask for another available day according to their permanence in Sicily to guarantee the booked boat tour.
If sea conditions are safe and acceptable departure is guaranteed ” Rain or Sun .”
The cancellation policy are as follows:
– 30% of total reservation is not refundable 15 days before departure.
– 50% of total reservation is not refundable from 14 days to 7 days before departure.
– 80% of total reservation is not refundable from 6 days  to 24 hours before departure.
– No refund for no show.

All listed boats are equipped with regular navigation licenses and qualified staff in possession of nautical licenses and rescue courses as required by regional and Italian laws.
All listed boats have regular insurance policy for damages to persons transported due to extraordinary events (boat collision, shipwreck) and subordinate to the negligence of the master and / or staff on board.
Once on board we always inform about rules and behavior instructions for a safe navigation. All accidents occurred on board for non-observance of these rules won’t be covered by insurance contract policy.

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  • marina di ragusa maps One day boat tour on south eastern coast of Sicily. Boarding and departure from Marina di Ragusa. The coast alternates rocky areas to long stretches of sand and dunes, moved by the wind. You will reach the natural reserve of the river Irminio. The fauna consists, for the most part, by migratory birds that use the reserve as a staging area during migration from Africa to Northern Europe. Leaving the reserve we notice Donnalucata, an ancient fishing village. Along the coast trending rocky although interspersed with small sandy beaches we found Cava d'Aliga where the sea is always clean. We stop for swimming to the beautiful Cave of Smugglers, deep cavities of apparent basaltic nature. Then the area of Punta Corvo where there is also an old lighthouse, now abandoned which was set of the popular tv series "Inspector Montalbano"