The Aeolian Islands Long Cruise

by Aldo Torrisi, 25/09/2015

The distance between the seven islands of the archipelago and the mainland Sicily is only 20 miles. Declared Unesco World Heritage Site in 2000, they are all of volcanic origin but differ from one another in the colors which make up the landscape. The water around the islands is crystal-clear and cobalt blue, revealing a rocky sea-bed. The islands have not been inhabited continuously, and their soil, much of which is still virgin, has thrown up a few fragments from early settlements dating from the 5th millennium BC without yielding any further finds from the historic period.  

The closest island to Sicily. This island has never been permanently inhabited, but has always attracted people for various  reasons. People use to came for the therapeutic properties of its mud and hot water springs, to exploit its alum and sulfur deposits and to graze their sheep.  Although not erupting, volcano can be considered active for many fumaroles (jest of steam rising out the ground). Beaches are made with fine and black sand some have thermal mud, geysers and hot water. The boat tour of the island is extraordinary, cape with black tips of lava stone, lonely beach of Gelso, various coves with beaches, the Abbot cave, the cave of the Horse.

The largest and most populous of the Aeolian Islands, there are two marinas: Marina Corta and Marina Lunga. A tarred road runs right around the coats, while a network of cart-tracks makes it possible to explore inland. Between the two ports, there is a promontory, on the top stand out the Spanish castle and Cathedral within nearby an Archaeological Museum in which we find priceless artifacts that relate to the archipelago and even the area of ​​Milazzo. Very impressive is the stretch of coast where there are quarries of pumice stone. From the sea you can admire these depressions of white sand, contrasting with the deep blue of the sea. The boat tour is very fun and interesting for the variety of landscapes, from rocky coast with little creeks, beautiful beaches and characteristic rocks offshore known as the Faraglioni scattered along the coast.

The highest island rich on Mediterranean vegetation, particularly important is the cultivation of grapes quality for the production of Malvasia and the cultivation of capers famous all over the world. The beach most beautiful and characteristic of the island is called “Pollara”. There are two ports: one in Santa Maria Salina, the other, smaller Rinella, a very picturesque area where the rock were excavated shelters for boats. Characteristic is also the location “Lingua”, famous for its lake of brackish water that was once for the extraction of salt from which the name of the island “Salina”. Finally, this island is also part of the international scene film for offering its beautiful landscapes and scenes to the film “Il Postino” starring Philippe Noiret and Massimo Troisi, filmed entirely on the island.

the Magic Island “, formerly called” Phenicusa “for the large number of ferns that existed on the island. This wild and fascinating island has two harbors: Filicudi and Pecorini, among them emerges a beautiful and large natural fortress, “Capo Graziano,” where were found the remains of a prehistoric village. Filicudi beaches are formed by rounded pebbles from the sea and alternating rib of rock sloping down to the sea and beautiful bays accessible only by boat. We can visit the “Grotta del Bue Marino”. The sea erosion over the years, has created a beautiful beach on the bottom and due to the depth and the width of the cave can be accessed by boat to admire the games of light that are projected on the walls of the cave. Not far away stands by the sea, the highest rock (85mt) of volcanic origin “The Cane” and “Montenassari” , an islet with a central pond.

The western of the seven sisters and the most solitary, without mass tourism, still retains its natural charm. Due to its conical shape in this island are completely missing roads and vehicular paths, the only means of transportation, even today, are the donkey. Those who reach Alicudi have the impression of stepping back in time, in a way of life long gone from our own.

The smallest island full of charm and nightlife. Around the island there are several islets: Basiluzzo, Lisca Bianca, Lisca Nera, Dattilo ideal for relaxing moments absolutely out of the classic routes of mass tourism and above all accessible only from the sea with beautiful coves and Caribbean beaches. Near “Punta Milazzese”, overlooking the bay of Cala Junco, we found ruins of a prehistoric village.

The most famous island from mysterious charm, thanks to the active volcano that dominates without disturbing its inhabitants as the lava flows along the “Sciara” away from the houses and with its constant puffs of fire and brimstone has a particularly impression on visitors. It’s a unique experience to enjoy from the sea, especially at night when the blast is even more evident and impressive. Characteristic is the village of Ginostra, completely isolated from the rest of the island and only reachable by boat. Wonderful beaches typical black and rugged coastline.

We invite you to select your suitable boat to enjoy this itinerary
All selected boat have 2 crew member, regular licenses, security amenities and comfort.

Week Cruise: 7 days/6 nights – Week end Cruise: 4 days/3 nights
Boarding timing:  Saturday  at 6.00 pm. – Return Saturday at 6.30 pm.
Boarding port:     Portorosa (ME), Porto dell’Etna of Riposto (CT), Port of Milazzo
The nearest airport are those of Palermo and Catania.
Upon request we can quote a van/car private transfer from your airport arrival.
Our boat cruise refers to a private and exclusive rental of the whole boat for the indicated itinerary and conditions. Once you’ve selected the boat that meet your expectation ask for booking availability on your suitable cruising period.
Boat price Includes: Crew (Skipper + hostess), linen, welcome cocktail, snorkeling kit, insurance, VAT.
EXTRA: fuel, moorings, beverages and food
Please find following details for extras:
– Fuel and mooring charges can be paid with credit card directly in site (Pier service or Fuel Station)
– Food and beverage pamper can be paid on board with cash.

For transit port in Aeolian Islands is necessary to make a reservation. This cost will be paid directly to the site by the customer in cash or credit card. The port less expensive and more strategic is Lipari ca. € 200 / night including water and energy consumption.  Other mooring are available in Salina with a price range between 200€-300€/night and Volcano at 200€/night

All fuel charges must be paid at the current price directly at the gas pump. Boat will be delivered with full tanks and must be returned with full tanks.

It would be better to communicate us at least 3-4 days before departure a list of food and drinks you want to get on board for the first few days. Below is a list example:
Breakfast: Kind of milk / juice / coffee / biscuits / cereals / fruit etc …
lunch and dinner: pasta, meats, salad, meat and / or fish, bread and / or other baked goods
Beverage: Kind of water, juices, wine if there are preferences, beer, other soft drinks.
These basic needs will be provided on board with receipts of purchase and must be paid in cash to the crew. And so it will be during the cruise.

We recommend guest to buy bracelets or patches for seasickness that we do not provide on-board and are available in pharmacies. The boat is equipped with linens and towels. We also recommend to bring small suitcase preferred no-rigid ones

For the confirm of booking is required a deposit of 40% to be paid by bank money transfer immediately.
Balance 15 days prior departure.
If customer decides to cancel the cruise, following our penalty fees:
– 40% deposit is not refundable from 30 days to 15 days prior departure
– 60% of total amount is not refundable from 14 days  to 7 days prior departure
– 80% of total amount is not refundable from 6 days to 24h prior departure
– 100% for no show on departure day.

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General Information

  • marina di ragusa maps The archipelago of Eolian Islands is made up of seven beautiful islands: Vulcano, Lipari, Salina, Filicudi, Alicudi, Panarea and Stromboli islands of fire and passion that fascinate and capture. The Aeolian Islands broke the surface about two million years ago. The myth wants them home of the god of wind Aeolus and landing hero Ulysses. The only volcanoes still active are Vulcano and Stromboli, the first has only fumarolic activity, and the second an uninterrupted eruption, called the “Lighthouse of the Tyrrhenian” as you can see its glow from far away. You cannot miss to circumnavigate all seven islands also known as the “Seven Sisters” or the seven colors of the rainbow, immersed in an uncontaminated sea,  crystal clear blue water,  rich on history, lush and full of little nuances, ideal for those who like to spend a holiday immersed in nature.