Long Cruise in Syracuse and Malta

by Aldo Torrisi, 25/09/2015


This long boat cruise to the eastern coast of Sicily from Catania to Syracuse and Malta unveil historical sites of our territory. You’ll be impressed by the quick changing of landscapes from dark lava stone to white-yellow limestone. Enjoy a sunset aperitivo in charming fishermen villages and taste the local cuisine. The itinerary displays lots of opportunities for your journey from cultural visits to snorkeling tour on characteristic creeks.

Ancient Greek colony named Katanè housed the second largest Roman amphitheater in the world. During the Norman period the city becomes a fortress as evidenced by the walls visible from the port. Entering from Porta Uzeda spectacular scenery will open in front of you with the elegant Piazza Duomo and Via Etnea, long road which crosses the city from north to south with shops, palaces and churches richly decorated baroque portals that characterize many monuments of the city after the earthquake of 1693

The town of Brucoli is located about 5 km from Augusta with a channel that supports him for much of its length, and was born as a fishing village. On the walls, along the canal, you can see numerous caves, typical houses of the Neolithic age. There is a castle and the characteristic port-channel. A stop is a must to dive into the crystal clear waters that surround it and admire the play of light that are created on the seabed for the presence of limestone characteristic of this part of Sicily.

The name Syracuse derives from the Sicilian Syraka or Sùraka (plenty of water) for the presence of several rivers and a marshy area. The city is spread in part on the hill-island of Ortigia and partly on land. The shape of the coastline determines the large inlet of the Grand Harbor, surrounded to the north and south of the Island from the promontory of Plemmirio. The story of Syracuse is tied to its Greek history, when the polis commanded the seas undermining the power of the Carthaginians and Romans to become the first great empire of the West. Of that are many examples, such as the famous Fountain of Arethusa, a source of fresh water in the heart of Ortigia, linked to the myth of Arethusa and Alpheus celebrated by many poets and writers. A walk through the streets of Ortigia Island is a must at sunset to enjoy the city.

The name comes from the Arabic al-Hamam Marsà which means “Bay of Doves”, as the area is obliged to place the passage of small birds during migration. The village has developed thanks to one of the most important Tuna Industry of Sicily. The trap of Marzamemi dates back to the time of the domination of the Arabs in Sicily. In 1630 it was sold by the owner to the Prince of Villadorata. In this picturesque town is contained the history of all the villages in Sicily through the testimony of a very important activity for our region. Today you can taste the products resulting from tuna fishing, do not miss the opportunity to taste the soul of Sicilian cuisine in one of the typical restaurants of the village.

To the eastern coast stands the island of Capo Passero where is located a Spanish fortress topped by an imposing bronze statue of the Virgin Mary. The territory now comprising Portopalo was inhabited since ancient times. The village was named in several ways: initially Cape Pachino, following Terra Noble and finally Porto Palo. This is one of the three cap of Sicily, the island that faces the beach is also called Isola delle Correnti, for the presence of strong eddies that are formed by the meeting of the two seas, the Ionian and the Mediterranean. Enjoy a bath in these fascinating places and let your imagination run as if you were the colonists who saw from the sea the lush land of the Cyclops.

The Maltese Islands went through a golden Neolithic period, the remains of which are the mysterious temples dedicated to the goddess of fertility. Later on, the Phoenicians, the Carthaginians, the Romans and the Byzantines, all left their traces on the Islands. In 60 A.D. St. Paul was shipwrecked on the island while on his way to Rome and brought Christianity to Malta. The Arabs conquered the islands in 870 A.D. and left an important mark on the language of the Maltese. Until 1530 Malta was an extension of Sicily: The Normans, the Aragonese and other conquerors who ruled over Sicily also governed the Maltese Islands. It was Charles V who bequeathed Malta to the Sovereign Military Order of St. John of Jerusalem who ruled over Malta from 1530 to 1798. In 1798, Napoleon Bonaparte took over Malta from the Knights on his way to Egypt. The French presence on the islands was short lived, as the English, who were requested by the Maltese to help them against the French, blockaded the islands in 1800.  British rule in Malta lasted until 1964 when Malta became independent. The Maltese adapted the British system of administration, education and legislation. Malta became a Republic in 1974 and joined the European Union in May 2004.

We invite you to select your suitable boat to enjoy this itinerary
All selected boat have 2 crew member, regular licenses, security amenities and comfort.

Week Cruise: 7 days/6 nights – Week end Cruise: 4 days/3 nights
Boarding timing:  Saturday  at 6.00 pm. – Return Saturday at 6.30 pm.
Boarding port: Catania , Porto dell’Etna of Riposto (CT
Upon request we can quote a van/car private transfer from airport
Our boat cruise refers to a private and exclusive rental of the whole boat for the indicated itinerary and conditions. Once you’ve selected the boat that meet your expectation ask for booking availability on your suitable cruising period.
Boat price Includes: Crew (Skipper + hostess), linen, welcome cocktail, snorkeling kit, insurance, VAT.
EXTRA: fuel, moorings, beverages and food
Please find following details for extras:
– Fuel and mooring charges can be paid with credit card directly in site (Pier service or Fuel Station)
– Food and beverage pamper can be paid on board with cash.

All mooring costs in transit port must be paid by guest  in cash directly on board or with credit card to pier office. Average costs are between 150 € and 250€/day.

All fuel charges must be paid at the current price directly at the gas pump. Boat will be delivered with full tanks and must be returned with full tanks.

It would be better to communicate us at least 3-4 days before departure a list of food and drinks you want to get on board for the first few days. Below is a list example:
Breakfast: Kind of milk / juice / coffee / biscuits / cereals / fruit etc …
lunch and dinner: pasta, meats, salad, meat and / or fish, bread and / or other baked goods
Beverage: Kind of water, juices, wine if there are preferences, beer, other soft drinks.
These basic needs will be provided on board with receipts of purchase and must be paid in cash to the crew. And so it will be during the cruise.

We recommend guest to buy bracelets or patches for seasickness that we do not provide on-board and are available in pharmacies. The boat is equipped with linens and towels. We also recommend to bring small suitcase preferred no-rigid ones

For the confirm of booking is required a deposit of 40% to be paid by bank money transfer immediately.
Balance 15 days prior departure.
If customer decides to cancel the cruise, following our penalty fees:
– 40% deposit is not refundable from 30 days to 15 days prior departure
– 60% of total amount is not refundable from 14 days  to 7 days prior departure
– 80% of total amount is not refundable from 6 days to 24h prior departure
– 100% for no show on departure day.

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General Information

  • marina di ragusa maps Let us lead you to discover the places that have marked the history of our island. Fascinating city rich in history, from the Greeks to the Romans through the gardens stone of Sicilian Baroque. During stops in major ports, you can take a guided tour on the ground to explore these beautiful works of art. We will start from Riposto or Catania to admire the southeastern coast of the island of white limestone and crystalline sea. We suggest you take advantage of breaks to admire the depths and enjoy breathtaking views.