Sicily at your pleasure

The Mediterranean’s largest island, Sicily, is as culturally rich as it is beautiful. It is home to superb Norman architecture, vibrant Roman floor mosaics, Arab inspired gardens, and probably the finest Greek temples to be found anywhere in the world. Alongside this, the island has some magnificent natural scenery, from volcanic Mount Etna to quiet beaches in the south.
Enjoy a luxury tour with customized itinerary to experience Sicily at your pleasure.
With our professional and knowledgeable staff we’ll get your concept of luxury to turn it into a truly memorable experience based on your expectations with a touch of local tradition and hospitality.
You’ll discover that luxury exists in historical, cultural and outdoor settings, lifestyles of people and warm ambiance of places.
From fully serviced Cruises on Luxury Yacht to Chauffeur/guided tour with excellent gourmet cuisine and wine tasting,  we change the idea of traveling with out of the box experiences.
Just enquiry us with your suitable departure city between Catania, Palermo or Syracuse and we’ll do the rest.

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